Moments of pleasure
of a particular lustre.

A new idea which combines two of Austria’s best-known and longest-standing families cannot be anything other than auspicious. True to the adage “the eye drinks too”, MERANDI is introducing onto the market Riedel glasses of unmatched design quality with the glittering finish of Swarovski crystal – for moments of pleasure of a particular lustre. It all started a few years ago with an idea: to develop and launch new products. This was how Armin Gschnitzer breathed life into the MERANDI start-up in 2014 as a limited company for product development. Lifestyle was already a theme back then. However, the first project, for a renowned sporting goods manufacturer, was if anything aimed at life’s faster moments.

Lustrous pleasure

Having “slowed down” somewhat, and with the lustrous and stylish sides of life in mind, completely without investors and financed solely by previous projects, in 2015 he set out in a completely different direction: courtesy of a project, MERANDI took on the sales operations for a Czech glass manufacturer with Swarovski crystals for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. In 2016, he landed another coup which gave the finishing touches to the glass project: In May 2016, MERANDI brought another renowned Tyrolean company with a global reputation on board in the form of glassmaker Riedel, thereby raising a further quality flag for its refined glass range.

Connected by history.
United in the modern age.

The eventful company and family histories of Swarovski and Riedel go back a long way. Their paths have repeatedly crossed, and they have always supported each other in matters to do with glass. Polished crystals on the one hand and handmade, hand-blown glasses on the other – the idea of starting a new and common project attracted the interest of another company from Tyrol’s more recent economic past. With a great deal of dedication and a special connection with both companies, MERANDI has done more with its drinking glass range than merely unify two traditions that should actually long have belonged together. MERANDI has created a monument to the two venerable cornerstones of the drinking glass industry with its sparklingly refined champagne, beer, wine and liqueur glasses and also benefits from the extensive experience and rigorous quality standards of the two partners.

Today Tyrol, tomorrow the world

From Hong Kong to New York, Swarovski and Riedel are viewed both at home and abroad as the epitome of finely honed finishes and high-class glass creations of unparalleled quality. And the same can of course be said of the innovative MERANDI drinking glass range, which is now to set to launch out from its Tyrolean base to inspire people all over the world. MERANDI also flexibly and expertly implements small production runs of personalised glasses for hotels and companies. This element of the portfolio has not merely opened up a new market. Its major success has also prompted the initiation of a global distribution network.